Safety Quiz Contest at PATIN
pubdate:2015-07-18source:guangzhou pacific tinplate co.  click:3306

A quiz contest of work safety knowledge was held on June 30th, 2015, jointly organized by PATIN Work Safety Committee and PATIN Workers’ Union. This year’s event is the 4th in its history for the purpose of improving the sense of safety and responsibility, covering fields such as production safety, fire safety, occupational health and safety, mechanical safety, safe use of electricity, etc.. Safety is always on the first priority and precaution is the key important
The contest started at 13:30 and concluded its four parts at 15:30, with Equipment Team 1 scoring first prize, Shearing Team 2 and 1 ranking runner-up and second runner-up.
Director Li of Department of Production presented the prizes and addressed the event, urging everyone to bear in mind the criticality of work safety. He also expressed hopes for accident-free production at PATIN, which calls for everyone’s commitment to their responsibilities.







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