NSSMC President Kosei Shindo visit
pubdate:2016-01-26source:admin  click:3592

     In the morning of January 26th, president Kosei Shindo, of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation,(NSSMC) Mr. Toshiharu Sakae, Executive Officer, and Mr. Taisuke Nomura, paid a visit to PATIN. After listening to the Patin’s operation reported by CEO Yasuo Muraoka, the guests also had a tour around the factory workshop to further understand staff’s activities and sewage disposal. Mr. Kosei Shindo encouraged the company management team to standardize the management.

Before leaving, President kosei shindo and his delegation planted a Podocarpus macrophyllus beside the pond which means “everything goes well” and wished the company’s business always booming.       

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