PATIN passed the AEO certification of China Customs
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1.Introduction of AEO

  AEO is called Authorized Economic Operation, i.e. “Certified operation”, defined as “to participate circulation of goods in any way and be deemed to be in compliance with the world customs organization or the corresponding supply chain safety standards.”  in Global trade safety and convenience standard framework set by the World Customs Organization (WCO) is

2. Basic conditions of AEO Certified operator

1) Include complete internal control standards such as export business, internal audit, information systems, etc.  

2) Reliability.

3) Proven compliance with the customs laws 

4) Trade security guarantee


3. Benefits of AEO Certified company

1) Improve the treatment of goods clearance, reduce time and cut cost!

China Custom (mainland) permitted the mutual recognition of AEO with Singapore, Korea, HongKong and EU, PATIN’s products when reach to the custom mutually recognized can enjoy the other customs’ import clearance facilitation measures more efficiently.

1) Lower proportion of inspection and rapid clearance.

2) Priority to the inspection for the goods that need to be checked.

3) Simplify the examination and approval of imported goods.

4) Preferential treatment in the process of customs clearance, priority clearance of imported goods. 

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