2016 Photo competition in PATIN
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In order to share the beautiful scenery in PATIN, PATIN held the Photo Contest To Find the Beauty in PATIN” in October 2016. The staff contributed over 40 pieces different kinds of photos and the top six have been selected to share for everyone. Totally 16 pieces of pictures were selected by the representatives from Working Union together with managers.

Among the six photos, Mr Ling’s [work style] was prized the first place. The CEO Mr. Muraoka presented the awards to the winners in the company performance meeting on 16th November.


First placework style--LingHongSong


Second placePATIN’s Scenery--YuanHuaGuo


PATIN’s sky--Guo


Dancing life--ZhouZhiFei



PATIN’s golden door--HuangFei

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