PATIN was awarded the honor by IWATANI Company
pubdate:2016-12-01source:admin  click:2616

    IWATANI Companyone of PATIN’s key customer hold the 20th year ceremony in Zhuhai Marriott Hotel on 28th October 2016. Six outstanding suppliers was invited to attend this big ceremony and PATIN was one of them.  CEO of PATIN Mr Muraoka attended the ceremony.

    IWATANI Company was grateful for the cooperation PATIN has given in manufacturing arrangement, quality improvement, new product offer, stable supply and etc. And the CEO of IWATANI Mr Miki presented a award to PATIN.

    The honor indicated that IWATANI affirms PATIN’s excellent performance in quality, supply and development of new product. PATIN will keep moving on to be the most reliable supplier.

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