Top 500 of manufacturing industry in Guangdong
pubdate:2016-12-01source:admin  click:2713

[The Annual meeting of manufacturing industry development and Guangdong manufacturing industry top 500 Enterprise Summit] was held in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center on 13th October 2016.The meeting was hosted by Guangdong Province Manufacturing Industry Association,Guangdong Province Industry Development Research Institute and Enterprise competitiveness research center of Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences.

The appraisal of top 500 has been held for 4 times in Guangdong. According to the operation revenue,tax contributions,R&D, companies will be elected to the appraisal.700 people of 500 companies have attended the meeting.Executive vice president of PATIN Ms Lee and Financial assistant director Ms Fung were invited to attend the meeting.

     The top 500 companies in Guangdong province have been declared and PATIN was lying in the 273 place.Executive vice president of PATIN Ms Lee was awarded the certification.

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