Environmental Management

1. Advocating green factories,  PATIN is titled “Guangzhou’s Environmentally Friendly Enterprise”.
2. Environment prioritized, PATIN has received consecutive ISO 14001 certificates since 2006.
3. Certified by Guangzhou Development District Bureau of Environmental Protection, PATIN is a model enterprise in the District for abiding environmental laws.
4. An environmentally friendly enterprise, PATIN is even friendlier with residents in the neighborhood.
5. Committed to cleaner production, PATIN is certified as both “Guangzhou’s Top Enterprise for Cleaner Production” and that of Guangdong Province.
6. Drained water from PATIN production reaches IV standard of surface water.
7. There is zero release of heavy metal in PATIN production.
8. The reuse rate of reclaimed water is over 80%.



Draining outlets for waste water from PATIN are equipped with CODCr ,Cr6+ and PH value on-line monitoring device, which are connected both to Guangzhou Municipal and District Environmental Monitoring Centers for 24-hour real-time monitoring. The drained water reaches IV standard of surface water.


Environmental Protection
PATIN is committed to building a green enterprise and has passed the official authentication of ISO14000, holding accredited certifications for its achievements in clean production, circular economy, environmental-friendly enterprise and so on. Introducing advanced technologies from Japan, PATIN has constructed highly automatic water treatment project with strong processing ability. All the waste water produced during manufacturing is treated to reach national standard before it is drained.
The company covers an area of 110,000 square meters, half of which is greening area. The green vegetation within the compound creates an attraction in Guangzhou Development District.
It is our generation’s duty to save energy and reduce pollution, to ensure the livelihood of generations to come. The use of tinplate is generally acknowledged to be much friendlier to the environment. PATIN takes pride in making contributions to the great cause of building a green global village.




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